Essays, Etc.

Essays and Occasional Pieces

As of right now (2020) I don’t do a whole lot of writing, but I wanted to collect a few links to some very-much-not-peer-reviewed pieces.

Augustine, Patron of Quitting Academia, about how Confessions is really quit lit.

The Miseducation of St. Augustine, about Augustine’s highly relevant take on the transmission of, and problem with, toxic masculinity.

Standing at the Foot of the Cross: White Christians and Jacob Lawrence’s The Life of John Brown, a draft of an academic essay, with pictures.

A Catholic Abuse Crisis Syllabus, at Daily Theology. Intended for theologians who are trying to get their arms around this topic historically so they can teach about it.

Review of Mary Henold’s The Laywomen Project, with a couple of brief thoughts on women in the parish of my youth.