Academic Editing & Indexing

A brief list of places you probably get stuck pretty often: 

  1. Immediately after you have an idea
  2. While trying to organize all your ideas and research into a coherent order
  3. While editing your individual sentences and paragraphs
  4. While trying to cut and refocus an article for a specific journal’s audience and requirements
  5. While trying to figure out what the main topics of the book you just wrote are, anyway (i.e., indexing)

No matter where you are, I can help!  I have over 15 years of experience as an editor, and work both with academic publishers and directly with individual scholars from the dissertation level up. I love helping people strengthen their writing at every stage. If you’re doing academic writing in the humanities and social sciences, whether it’s a book manuscript, a journal article, a dissertation, a book proposal, or a grant narrative, please get in touch and let’s talk about your needs.

Below I’ve summarized my most common project types and given a rough idea of the fees and time involved. You can contact me to talk more about your specific project — please include a sense of your ideal timeframe as well as what kinds of work you’re thinking about.

Developmental Editing, Book: If you’ve completed the research phase but are fairly early in the drafting phase, either working on a first draft or just having finished one, you may need advice on structure. I can help you sort through your ideas and improve what writers sometimes call “flow.” This work is typically conversational and intensive; it focuses on organization and argument, with relatively little attention to style, grammar, and the like. Fees & timing: Free Skype/phone/email conversation to discuss your project. At this point  I can give a rough total estimate after learning more about where your project is and what kinds of feedback interest you. Reading, assessing, and commenting on the first draft of a full academic monograph, without doing line editing (see below), usually runs around $1200-1500. If you want to send me one chapter at a time, I charge the same flat amount as I do for a journal article, $350, unless the chapter is exceptionally long or complex. I usually block out two weeks for reading and commenting on a full monograph. 

When I was feeling antsy about the first draft of my book introduction, I asked Catherine to give it a read. What I got back was absolutely brilliant. Incisive line edits, thoughtful comments, and such positive energy. –MH, Professor of History

Line Editing, Copyediting, and  Proofreading, Book: If you are essentially happy with the organization of your text, but not so happy with the style of your individual sentences, or if you struggle with standard English grammar, you may want an expert eye. Say farewell to awkward sentences, grammar mistakes, and typos. Fees: Free sample edit of up to 500 words; subsequently, $60/hour, or $50/hour for contingent faculty and PhD candidates. I typically edit at a pace of roughly 6-8 double-spaced pages per hour if your text needs significant work, or 8-12 double-spaced pages per hour if it’s fairly clean. I can give a solid estimate for individual projects after a sample two-page edit. I block out two weeks for a complete book manuscript.

Editing, Chapter or Article:  This service is suitable if you want editing work/structural advice on either an article or a single book chapter. One fee covers whatever you need, no matter where you are in the process: in no particular order, this might include developmental discussions, structural advice, honing in on the article’s purpose, advice on approaching editors, line editing, fixing citations, cutting words to meet a journal’s count, and anything else you can dream up. Fee: Free sample edit of up to 500 words and/or phone/email conversation about your specific needs; flat fee of $350 for a first round with an article/chapter-length piece; flat fee of $150 for reading/assessing/editing a second full draft, if desired. I block out a day for each round. If the work is last-minute and requires me to work a night or weekend day, the fee rises to $450, or $200 for a second reading.

Citations and Formatting: I can work with any style requested by a journal or publisher.  Fees: $55/hour, with a $15/hour rush fee if you need the work done within 48 hours. 

Indexing: I have extensive experience indexing theology, history, and religious-studies monographs, and am happy to provide samples of my work. I find that making a good one is time-intensive; they can be a bit difficult to schedule for this reason. That said, if you are interested in having me index, by all means get in touch! Fees: $6.50/indexable page, or $5/indexable page if I am also proofreading; $2/notes page. I block out a week for each index. 

What’s your project? Let’s talk about the work we can do together. Or, request a zero-obligation sample edit of up to 500 words .

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